Silica Gel Packets: 10 Ingenious Uses Of Silica Gel Packets

Silica Gel Packets

Silica Gel Packets: Silica Gel packets are a solution of our daily life problems we faced due to humidity. Here at Toptenia, we are sharing with you 10 ingenious uses of Silica gel Packets that will greatly help you at home or work.

Silica Gel Packets:

You usually found Silica gel packets in new bags, shoe boxes or in some medicines’ bottles. Mostly you throw them out as they seem useless, but they are kept there for an important purpose.

Silica gel packets are Desiccant and are great for absorbing moisture and saving goods from damage caused by humidity.

So here at Toptenia, we are sharing 10 places where we have found Silica gel packets to be useful. We are sure after reading these 10 silica gel uses you will never toss them away.

10. Razor blades

Silica Gel Packets

You frequently change your razor blades because its sharpness dulls quickly?

There is a tip to extend your razor blades life, keeps it in a Tupperware having 5-6 silica gel packets, and it will absorb the extra moisture which is the main cause of premature dulling of your razors.

9. Gardening

Silica Gel Packets

If you love gardening, you can store your seeds for planting up to a year without getting them mold. Simply put different seeds in small separate envelopes and place them in an airtight container. Toss a silica gel packet (one per shoebox-sized container) along with seeds.

8. Photos/ Documents

Silica Gel Packets

There are a lot of memories related to your childhood, family, friends, and events in form of photos. You want to store their hard copies and also some documents which are very important for you. To protect them from moisture, put some silica gel packets in boxes, cabinets, or envelopes carrying your photos or documents.

7. Windscreen

Foggy windscreens are not only irritated you but also very dangerous. It is because of humidity or due to the difference in temperature between inside and outside of your car. To avoid that deadly foggy windscreen, throw some silica gel packets on your car’s dashboard especially in high humidity times.

6. Toolbox

Silica Gel Packets

Your tools are most vulnerable to weather conditions as you use them quite openly in all seasons which can lead to early corrosion. To retain your tools from oxidation, put some silica gel packets in your toolbox to keep them dry.

5. Silver

Silica Gel Packets

Moisture can accelerate the process of tarnish and corrosion on silver jewelry or flatware, which makes them look dull or less vibrant. To avoid it, put some silica gel packets in your jewelry box or flatware drawer.

4. Bulk Pet Food

Silica Gel Packets

You want to buy food for your pet in bulk for some reason but are afraid that it will get soggy due to humidity. Here is a solution, put your pet’s meal in a container and tape some silica gel packets to the bottom of its cover.

3. Swimming Costume

Silica Gel Packets

If you are fond of swimming, you can relate to the situation where you have to put your wet swimsuit and towel in the bag all the way to home. It’s not only annoying but gives a reason to bad odor to develop. From next time, to remove some moisture, put as much as silica gel packets you can, along with your swimming costume and towel into the zip-lock bag.

2. Gym Bag

Silica Gel Packets

To lessen the bacteria present in your gym bag due to the sweaty workout clothes and sneakers, zip it up with some silica gel packets. It will help to reduce moisture and keep your gym bag from stinky odor.

Also, toss some silica gel packets in your shoes to get rid of bad smell.

1. Wet Cell Phone

Silica Gel Packets

Have you just accidentally dropped your expensive mobile phone in water or someone just spilled juice on it by mistake?

Don’t panic, take a zipper Bag or bowl, fill it with silica gel packets and put your phone in it after removing battery and memory cards for a day or two at least, before powering it on again.

When you feel your silica gel packets stop working, recharge them by putting them in the oven for a couple of hours on 100 degrees and save them in a zipper bag or airtight container until you want to use them again.

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