Top 10 Tips for Making Your Mehndi Darker (Henna Secrets)

Make Mehndi Dark

Do you want to find ways to make mehndi darker on your hands and feets? Discover these Top 10 Tips for perfect and darker mehndi (henna) colour.

Make Mehndi Darker: 10 Tips for Perfect Colour

Mehndi: Also known as Heena or Henna is a symbol of delight. It is a natural dye, made by using leaves and stem of Henna (Lawsonia Inermis) tree. In the Western world, Mehndi is gaining popularity day by day as an alternative to tattoos and regard as a temporary tattoo. Certainly, great for those folks who love to experiment with different kind of tattoos.

On the other hand, in the eastern world, from centuries girls love to color their hands and feet with intricate Mehndi designs. Although with time style of Mehndi evolved but the spirit remains same. It’s a symbol of hope in marriage, enthusiasm in holy fiestas, bliss among kids and beauty of togetherness.

The biggest concern for every girl applying Mehndi on her hands is – Can I get a darker stain or not? 

It’s the first query girls do while buying Mehndi cone or to the Mehndi artist. So, to lessen your worry, here on Toptenia, we are sharing Top 10 tips to get darker Mehndi stain on your hands.

10. Wash your Hands

Make Mehndi Dark

Before applying Mehndi, wash your hands thoroughly with soap, to remove any layer of oil and dirt from them.

Make sure you do not apply any moisturizing cream or lotion to your hands afterward so that there will be no barrier for Mehndi to penetrates into your skin and gives you darker stain.

9. Apply Eucalyptus Oil

Make Mehndi Dark

You cannot apply any moisturizing cream but here is an exception, you can apply Eucalyptus oil after washing your hands.

Just make sure that it will get completely absorbed into your skin before applying Mehndi. This essential oil will do wonders for the color of Mehndi and also smells good.

8. Let your Mehndi Dry Naturally

Make Mehndi Dark

Maybe you want your Mehndi to dry quickly but no matter what, do not shake your hands or use a blow dryer or similar to dry your Mehndi.

This will only worsen your Mehndi design, create smudges and waste all the effort you did to get that Mehndi on your hands. Give it some time and let your Mehndi dry on its own as it will not take much time.

7. Keep it Longer

Make Mehndi Dark

Keep the Mehndi in your hands as long as you can. The longer the Mehndi will stay on hands, the darker color it will get.

It is recommended to left Mehndi on the skin for 7-8 hours but if possible leave it for 12 hours. It’s recommended to apply Mehndi at night and does not remove it until morning.

6. Lemon-Sugar mixture

Make Mehndi Dark

Once your Mehndi is dried, dab some Lemon-Sugar mixture gently on your design by using a cotton ball. The sugar keeps the Mehndi in contact with the skin for deeper penetration of color while lemon juice acts as a catalyst for dye release.

Do not use it excessively as it may ruin your design or lightening the stain instead of darkening it. To make the lemon-sugar mixture, boil some water, add sugar in it, let it simmer until the sugar gets dissolved, allow it to cool at room temperature. Now add few drops of lemon in it.

5. Clove Smoke

Make Mehndi Dark

It is believed that the smoke from heated Clove (aromatic flower buds of a tree) helps in deep and rich penetration of Mehndi in your skin thus leave a darker stain.

After applying Lemon- Sugar mixture on your palms, heat some cloves in the pan and place your hands in contact with smoke until it will dry all the mixture you applied to your design. For more better results you can hold your hands as long as heat is bearable.

4. Wrap It Up

Make Mehndi Dark

Get some Clingfilm or medical paper tape and ask someone to carefully wrap it around your Mehndi design when it will dry up. Wrapping your design will help it to remain in its place and not get smudged. Also, the body heat produced due to wrapping will lead to a darker stain.

3. Stay Away From Water

Make Mehndi Dark

Once your Mehndi is dried and you want to remove it, do not wash it with water. Instead, scrap it out by gently rubbing your hands together. Keep your Mehndi away from water as long as you can. Within a few hours, you will obtain darker color.

Washing your hands may lighten the color of your design by removing the top layer of your Mehndi, hence taking away the chance of color to penetrate deeper into your skin.

2. Stimulate the Color with Mustard Oil

Make Mehndi Dark

After you have scraped out the Mehndi, apply mustard oil or pickle oil or Vicks to your hands. This will stimulate the Mehndi color to penetrate in skin further, thus give you much darker stain. People use limestone paste too for this purpose, but it will cause rashes in some cases.

1. Keep Beauty Treatment at Bay

Make Mehndi Dark

After applying Mehndi, do not go for manicure or pedicure (if applying Mehndi on feet too), waxing, shaving or exfoliating for the next week, as this will result in scraping the top layer of Mehndi design, thus lighten the Mehndi stain.

Do pamper your skin a couple of days before applying Mehndi. In extreme cases, you can use women’s razors to remove unnecessary hairs.


If you are living in a warmer place, switch off your Air Conditioner (AC) while applying Mehndi, as it will cool down your body temperature, thus lead to lighter Mehndi color.

Make Mehndi Dark

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