Top 10 Countries With The Longest Coastline


The following 10 countries listed below have the longest total coastlines in the world. This list is based on the coastline data obtained from the World Resources Institute or (WRI) that covers 182 independent countries and 13 dependencies. 

10. Finland

The coast of Finland is bounded by the northern gulfs of the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Bothnia in the north-south direction, surrounding by its neighbor Sweden, Norway, and Russia.

The total length of the Finnish coast is 31,119 km, which includes all islands and archipelagos. The rugged coastline is deeply indented with bays and inlets.

9. Brazil

The coastline of Brazil measures 33,379 km, which makes it the 9th longest coastline of the world. It is renowned for its stunning beaches and pristine white sand that provide an idyllic escape for those wanting to bask in the serenity of the natural beauty.

8. Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago nation that is broken up in many islands by the sea. This gives it the 8th longest coastline of 33,900 km in the world. 

Out of 7,641 islands, only 1,000 of its islands are populated, and fewer than one-half of these are larger than 2.5 square kilometers (1 sq mi).

Most of these islands are volcanic in origin, that offers moderately high mountain ranges and narrow strips of coastlines.

7. Norway

Norway’s coastline is 7th longest in the world, with the length of 53,199 km, that stretches along the strait of Skagerrak, North Sea, Norwegian Sea, and the Barents Sea. 

The spectacular Norwegian coastline offers picturesque villages along the rocky coastline and fjords throughout the country.

6. Australia

The coastline of Australia is the 6th largest in the world comprises the coasts of mainland Australia and Tasmania. Along with its 66, 530 km of coastline are in excess of 10,000 beaches, many of spectacular beauty.

Most of Australia’s population lives close to the coastline and offers a unique landscape ranging from broad sandy beaches to rocky cliffs and mangrove swamps. 

The Australian coastline is also known as the world’s great ocean’s melting pot: mixing the waters of the Pacific, Indian and Southern oceans.

5. Chile

Chile has the 5th longest coastline in the World that stretches 78,563 km and extends from the Antarctic in the extreme south to the Atacama Desert in the north, making Chile one of the longest and narrowest countries on the planet. 

Chile coastline from North to South boasts a huge diversity of natural terrain, and include ancient glaciers, snow-white salt plains, the driest desert on the planet, and a multitude of forests, lakes and active volcanoes, offers a stark contrast to one another.

4. Indonesia

Indonesia has the 4th longest coastline in the world, with its 95,181 Km coastline and includes 18,307 islands. 

Indonesia is also the largest archipelago country in the world, extending 5,120 km from east to west and 1,760 km from north to south.

Indonesia coastline has the most diverse tropical climate and archipelagic geography that supports a high level of biodiversity and coastal ecosystem.

3. Russia 

Russia has an extensive coastline of over 110,310 km along the Arctic and Pacific Oceans, as well as along the Baltic Sea, Sea of Azov, Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. 

The Russian coastline varies from the frozen waters, tall mountains to giant marshes, has thousands of rivers and inland bodies of water, providing it with one of the world’s largest surface water resources.

2. United States

The United States has the 2nd longest coastline in the world, that measures 133,312 km. The country shares its coastline with the Atlantic Ocean on the east, the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Arctic Ocean to the north of Alaska, and the Gulf of Mexico towards the southwest.

1. Canada

Canada has the longest total coastline among all of the countries of the world. The country’s 265,523 km long coastline fronts on the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Arctic Ocean to the north.

The coastline of Canada exhibits varied landscapes across different parts of the country and offers tropical and subtropical ecosystems as mangrove swamps and coral reefs.