Top 10 Secret Doodle Meaning That You Didn’t Know

Doodle Meaning

Have you ever drawn doodle consciously or unconsciously while holding a pen in your fingers or do you want to find the doodle meaning? This article will not just tell you about the 10 most common doodle meanings from a psychological point of view but will show you how different secret doodle patterns is a reflection of your personality. 

When nothing exciting happens or you stuck somewhere and you can’t seem to make that step forward and change things, you may get frustrated and depressed  – chances are you will find yourself doodling on the corner of your books, or on some blank paper or whatever place you find to let go of your thoughts.


Your random thoughts are represented on paper by geometrical shapes, from flowers to stars, cars, straight lines and list go on. Have you ever wondered why you doodle the particular thing while lost in some thoughts or what that doodle actually mean to you and your personality? Every single doodle which you draw consciously or unconsciously has different meaning and it changes with every little detailing you put in your drawing. It shows the state of mind you are currently in and depicts your personality too.

10 Doodle’s and their Meaning:

Here are the Top 10 most common doodles and their meanings. So have a look at each of them in the list and discover the hidden secrets about your personality.

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10. Geometrical Shapes

Doodle Meaning

Geometrical shapes depict the person have defined beliefs, logical way of thinking and is very cautious. That person may turn out to be a good planner.

Drawing triangle demonstrates the desire of advancing in professional and social life. Whereas, drawing square means that your mind is working through a problem and you want a hold of a situation. Doodling circles suggests that a person needs emotional support or desire to get noticed.

If your shapes progress to 3D objects, it illustrates the analytical personality who wants to see all aspects of an issue and deal with it.

9. Stick Figure

Doodle Meaning

Highly successful people often doodle stick figures. It shows that the person has full control over their emotions and extremely focused on their goals in life.

8. Arrow, Ladders, and Stairs

arrows doodle photo
Photo by ralphhogaboom 

The person who draws arrow, ladders or stairs is often having a long-term task in his mind which he wants to accomplish. It also illustrates the ambitious side of a person who is obsessed with some goal and looking forward to achieving it.

7. Transportation

Doodle Meaning

If you often caught doodling any means of transportation, it means you need a break from the current situation. You want to escape far away, shuddered off all the worries and enjoy the freedom.

6. Faces

Doodle Meaning

The expressions on doodled faces suggest the mood or character of a person who drew it. If you draw a face with nice and neat expressions, it shows you are optimistic, social and loving.

On the contrary, if you draw some ugly expressions, it shows you have trust issues, pessimist, and aggressive nature. Comic faces depict you want to be a center of attention and a good sense of humor while child-like faces demonstrate neediness.

5. Stars

Doodle Meaning

Stars indicate the optimism, determination, and hopefulness. If you are ambitious and have a particular goal in your mind, you will the most likely to draw a big, bold and embellished star.

Uniform, neat stars show that you are a mentally focused person while the freehand drawing of stars shows energetic personality.

4. Houses

Doodle Meaning

Many people like to draw a house. It is detailing of the house which reveals a lot. An elaborated house specifies a secure home life. A messy house shows that you are unsettled in your home. Moreover, a house drawn on top of a hill depicts that person is feeling isolated.

3. Hearts

Doodle Meaning

You draw hearts when you are thinking of love. It means you are in love or love to fall in love. It also shows your vulnerable side. The more the number of hearts the more emotional you feel. If you draw heart inside the heart, it means you are shy and it is difficult for you to express your feelings.

2. Flowers

Doodle Meaning

Doodling a petals flower shows that the person is family-oriented, warm, kind and romantically inclined. If a person draws a bunch of flowers, it means he likes to socialize. On the other hand, if you are burdened by some worry, you will most likely end up with dropping flower heads.

1. Initials or Names

Doodle Meaning

Writing your name or initials is the most common doodle. People who are indulging in this doodle are enjoyed to being the center of attention and wants to make their name. On the other hand, if you doodle someone else’s name, means they are in your thoughts.

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