10 Cooking Tips To Make Your Life Easier in the Kitchen

Cooking Tips

Discover Top 10 Cooking Tips to make your life easier in the kitchen.

10 Cooking Tips To Make Your Life Easier In The Kitchen:

In the kitchen, every person who loves cooking have small cooking tips and tricks to make his or her dishes the tastiest & stand out from the others. They know some special ingredients and minor cooking details in preparing your meals are the ultimate secrets for the unmatchable taste.

We list down the 10 Best and Simple – Cooking Tips & Tricks for you to become an expert in anything related to – Kitchen.

10. Easily Remove an Egg Shell

To avoid banging your head every time you want to remove an eggshell, there is a little trick. Fill a pan with water and dip the eggs, then add a pinch of baking soda/salt, bring it to boil.

After 10 minutes of boiling (for hard-boiled egg), pass them under cold water, this will stop the cooking process, thus prevent sticky shells. Now roll it on a smooth surface and easily remove the shell of your egg.

9. Butter your Mussels with the Butter Packs

Rather than throw away the packs of your butter plates, keep them and use them to butter your mussels. Not only do you use what you have left of your pads, but you also avoid getting your hands dirty, an economic and ecological gesture.

8. Melt the Ingredients

Take advantage of the preheating time of your oven to melt the butter and chocolate while you start preparing your recipe. In a few minutes, they will be melted. This will prevent you from using the microwave. This saves you energy and reduces your bill at the end of the month.

7. Peel Ginger with Tablespoon

It is preferred to use the traditional knife which is not often adapted to the nooks of fresh ginger. Instead, use a tablespoon. With your left hand, take the ginger, the spoon in your right hand, face bulging over it and grate with the corner of the spoon.

6. Sugar for crispy Pie

To make your apple pie crispy and hold it, put sugar in the pan just before you put your pie. When you un-mold it, you will be amazed at the result. Enough to impress your guests.

5. Freeze Meat or Fish

To easily cut meat or fish, or prune correct slices, there is a simple trick. Freeze your meat for 15 minutes and then cut thin slices without any problem. A magic trick!

4. Peel a Warm Potato Without a Knife

To peel potatoes easily is better to cook them. But at the time of removing the skin, one might burn the fingers. The potato skin always sticks a little because of the starch. To avoid this, spend a few minutes while lay your potato under cold water to easily remove the skin.

3. Freeze your Grapes

If you do not have ice cube molds, the frozen grapes can serve as ice cubes. At the time of the aperitif, serve them in wine. The advantage is that the grape will not be diluted like the ice cube. In addition, it will not wash your wine. It’s simple!

2. Roll a Lemon between your Palm and the Work Surface

This tip will allow you to get the most juice when squeezing your lemon. To do this, it must be rolled two or three times between your palm and the work surface. All you have to do now is squeeze your lemon.

1. Use a Wooden Spoon To Cook Pasta or Rice

To cook pasta or rice, very often you put the water to heat and you forget it, time to prepare other ingredients. The trick is to put a wooden spoon in the pan. This will slow down the overflow and avoid dirtying your plates.

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