Top 10 Bizarre Marriages That You Didn’t Know


Love is Blind – we often hear or use this saying in an idiomatic or sarcastic way. But in this world, there are some people who took this quote way too much seriously and these 10 weddings are sure to prove it.

Here are 10 real-world marriages with odd couples, absurd relationships and mad marriages from ex-girlfriend corpses and snakes to lifeless objects:

10. Married with a Dolphin

Bizarre Marriages

In 2006, a British woman Sharon Tendler tied a knot with Cindy the dolphin in a ceremony in Isreal. She claimed that it was love at first sight when she met Cindy 15-years ago.

Tendler called the male dolphin, “the love of my life” and herself “one-dolphin woman”. She wore a white dress with veil, got down on her knees to kiss a dolphin and gifted a piece of herring.

9. Married with a Cat

Bizarre Marriages

A postal worker in Germany loves his cat so much that he instantly decided to marry his cat when he got to know about her terminally sickness. He was informed by the veterinarian that Cecilia does not have much time to live as she was suffering from asthma.

No German officials agreed to marry them, therefore an actress was hired to officiate the nuptials. Cecilia-the cat bride was attired in a white dress for the ceremony.

8. Married with a Dog

Bizarre Marriages

An Australian man Joseph Guiso got the idea of marrying his dog Honey, a female Labrador when he observed a wedding in a park while walking. In the same park, he vowed to love his dog forever in the presence of his family and friends in a ceremony.

Bizarre Marriages

There is another scenario, in which a woman is deeply in love with her two-year-old dog so much so she actually took divorce from her husband to marry her newfound love. She proposed her dog while sitting on her one knee and she believed that her dog said “Ýes, I do.” by flapping its tail.

7. The Man who Married Himself

Bizarre Marriages

According to Whitney Houston, learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. But Liu Ye took that message a little too literally and married himself on New Year’s Day in 2007.

6. Married the Eiffel Tower

Bizarre Marriages

After 3 years of courtship, in 2007, a former soldier from San Francisco married the Eiffel Tower. She even changed her name to Erika La Tour Eiffel. Mrs Eiffel feels an emotional attachment to the tower. She also made a web community for people attracted towards inanimate objects, which is usually referred as objector philia or object-sexuality.

5. Married the Berlin Wall

Bizarre Marriages

Here is another case of objector philia, in it a lady tied a knot with the Berlin wall in 1979. Her name is Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer, whose surname means Berlin Wall in German. Mrs. Berliner-Mauer fell in love with this concrete structure when she watched it on television at the age of seven.

In 1989, when the whole of Germany was celebrating the destruction of the wall, she was mourning for her husband. After that, she keeps the models and pictures of the wall in its former glory in its remembrance.

4. Married with a Digital Character (Nene Anegasaki)

Bizarre Marriages

In 2009, a Japanese man is known as Sal9000 married to the digital character Nene Anegasaki from the Nintendo DS virtual dating game “Love Plus”. He fell in love with the character he met in a video game. The wedding ceremony was held in reality in Guam Island. The attendees at the wedding watched the slideshow of the pictures of his digital wife.

3. Married with a Pillow

Bizarre Marriages

A South-Korean man Lee Jin-Gyu fell in love with his pillow having an image of his favourite anime character Fate Testarossa. After spending a lot of time with it, taking it to everywhere from restaurants to theme parks, he decided to tie a knot with his love in a traditional ceremony where the pillow was dressed up in a bridal apparel.

2. Married with a Snake

Bizarre Marriages

In 2006, an Indian woman proclaimed that she had fallen in love with a snake to which she offered milk to drink. She married to serpent according to Hindu marriage rituals. The 30-year-old bride dressed up in traditional red saree attire, while instead of real Cobra, they put its brass statue. Over 2000 people, who believed that this wedding will bring good luck to them, attended the nuptials.

1. Married with Dead Girlfriend

Bizarre Marriages

Chadil Daffy from Thailand was in a relationship with his girlfriend Sarinya Kamsook for eleven years. When his girlfriend asked him to marry, he denied it due to heavy workload he had to deal with.

After Kamsook killed in car accident, out of guilt for denying when she proposed, he decided to marry her corpse at her funeral to fulfil her wish. He also put the wedding ring on her dead bride’s finger.