10 Best Long-Haired Cat Breeds In The World


If you are looking for a pet kitten or cat with long, beautiful hair, check out the list below of 10 best long-haired cat breeds in the world, that are worthy of your consideration and love:

10. Turkish Angora

long-haired cat breeds

Turkish Angoras are one of the ancient, natural breeds of cat, having originated in central Turkey, in the Ankara region. They are one of the first longhair cats in Europe and has a long plumed tail and large pointed ears.

9. Somali Cat

long-haired cat breeds

The Somali cat has often described as a long-haired Abyssinian —  results from a recessive gene in the Abyssinian breed, so it’s basically a long-haired Abyssinian. They have lithe and muscular bodies with a full brush tail and green or golden eyes, with a vibrantly colorful coat, full plume tail, and alert personality.

8. Ragdoll

long-haired cat breeds

The Ragdoll is a cat breed with blue eyes and a distinct colorpoint coat. It’s a large and muscular semi-longhair cat with a soft and silky coat. They have a heavy and powerful build and blue eyes.

Like all long-haired cats, Ragdolls need grooming to ensure their fur does not mat.

7. Persian Cat

long-haired cat breeds

The Persian is the glamor puss of the cat world. They are not only very attractive and beautiful, but their sweet face and calm personality combined to make them one of the most popular and desirable cat breeds in the world.

They are also one of the oldest breeds of cats and are known for their cobby bodies and massive heads.

6. Norwegian Forest

long-haired cat breeds

The Norwegian Forest Cat breed is unique with its dense, flowing coat that can change with the weather originating in Northern Europe. They have a robust muscular body with a double coat.

5. Maine Coon

long-haired cat breeds

The Maine Coon is the oldest North American breed of cat. It is large and well-muscled with a shaggy coat. It has a distinctive physical appearance and valuable hunting skills.

4. Javanese

long-haired cat breeds

The Javanese is a breed of cat developed from SiameseColorpoint, and Balinese breeds. To recognize it, look for a build similar to Siamese cats and coloring similar to Colorpoint cats. The Javanese cat is known for its gracefulness and has a long lithe body and silky coat.

3. Himalayan cat

long-haired cat breeds

The Himalayan is a breed of long-haired cat identical in type to the Persian cat, with the exception of its blue eyes and its point coloration, which were derived from crossing the Persian with the Siamese. It has a cobby body, short full tail, and sapphire-blue eyes.

2. Cymric

long-haired cat breeds

The Cymric is a breed of domestic cat with a semi-long-haired variety of the Manx breed, rather than a separate breed. The Cymric cat is a stout tailless breed.

1. Birman

long-haired cat breeds

The Birman, also known as the “Sacred Cat of Burma”, is characterized by deep-blue eyes, a bushy tail, and white-gloved paws. These fluffy long-haired, color-pointed blue-eyed beauties are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cat breeds in the world.