Aptoide: 10 Facts About Aptoide Android Marketplace


Aptoide is an alternative marketplace for Android applications that run on the Android operating system. Unlike the default Google Play Store, there is no unique and centralized store but each user manages their own Store.

Initially, release in 2009, this platform is available in over 40 languages, having reached more than 150 million users worldwide, 3 billion downloads and contain over 700,000+ Android apps hosted in different virtual stores.

It offers an excellent marketplace for both app developers as well as general users and provides an excellent platform for social collaboration. As a user, you will find many new and exclusive apps that are generally not available on Google Play Store and can be downloaded on your mobile, tablet and desktop computers for free.

Whereas for app developers, Aptoide offers excellent app distribution mechanism through its app stores also called (repositories). Using this free distribution mechanism app developers and brands can create and manage customized app stores within the platform, which is not possible on the Google Play Store.

App developers can use these stores to manage, distribute, fix (errors) or communicate their apps with existing users and at the same time offer new app updates, monetize their apps (by activating in-store app promotion campaigns) and inform existing and new users about their upcoming products.

Therefore, to give you fundamental need-to-know information about Aptoide, we have listed 10 important information facts about this android marketplace:

10. Download APK

To start using Aptoide you need to Download APK.

Aptoide, as a matter of fact, doesn’t require any registration, thus there’s no signup process. Users can immediately start downloading Aptoide APK, no matter where they are and start using it.

9. App for Smartphones and Tablets

Once the Aptoide APK is downloaded on your Smartphone or Tablets. Follow the below, 2-step process to enable it on your Android OS.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Select Security > and Turn on Unknown Sources.

Step 2: Locate the downloaded Aptoide.APK file and Install it.

8. App for Smart TVs and Showbox

Aptoide app is also available for Smart TVs. For Installation, you need to ensure that apps from third-party sources can be installed on your Smart TV. Once the Aptoide Smart TV APK file is downloaded on your TV, follow the below process for installation.

Step 1:  Go to the Settings menu and Select “Security”.

Step 2: Tick “Unknown sources” checkbox.

Step 3: Install Aptoide TV.

Aptoide Showbox is the all you’ll ever need an app to watch Movies and TV shows for free. Showbox app is designed to notify you when a new episode comes up. This is particularly useful if you are a hardcore fan and want to watch that episode as soon as it becomes available.

7. Lite App

Lite App is designed and optimized for low-end devices & slow internet connections. So, Lite App is a great way to install your favorite app if you are having a slow internet connection or doesn’t have access to the high-end device.

For installation, Download the Lite APK file which is only 1.70 MB. Once downloaded, follow the below instructions for installation.

Step 1. Go to the Settings menu.

Step 2. Select “Security”.

Step 3. Tick “Unknown sources” checkbox.

Step 4. Then tap OK.

Step 5. You can now install Aptoide Lite.

6. VR App Store

Aptoide Virtual Reality App Store solution is designed to offer you 3D apps and games. Compatible with VR devices, this Android VR Apps store comprised of more than 100 curated apps and games cherry-picked to enhance consumers’ VR experience.

Regarding VR devices, Aptoide VR store games and app is currently compatible with two type of VR devices namely, VR cases and VR (all-in-one) headsets.

For installation, simply Download and Install the VR APK, and then choose and install your VR game or Apps from VR store. Finally, connect your VR device and start using it.

5. Aptoide for Kids

Aptoide APK also comes in Kids Mode. Thus, providing a safe, secure and fun application for your children to learn and play.

With an animated home screen with customizable characters and an easy to use interface. Aptoide Kids APK comes with exclusive applications for your children including a fun camera, voice changer, and coloring book to name few.

For installation, simply download and install the APK on your Android device.

4. AppCoins

Aptoide recently launches Its Own ‘Bitcoin’ – named the AppCoins. Based on the same “blockchain” technology of Bitcoin – AppCoins offers a secure, cryptocurrency option for its app developers and partners to buy, sell and promote their apps to their users on Aptoide platform using AppCoins.

Thus, providing an alternative digital economy based monetary-transaction model between buyer and seller without the need of any third party.

For more information on AppCoins, and how you can as a developer monetize your apps by integrating AppCoins, click here or view a short introductory video.

3. Ads for Agencies and Developers

Apart from AppCoins, Aptoide also provides a traditional advertising model similar to Google AdMob. These Ads are offered to Ad Agencies or to App developers and Publishers and offer numerous advertising options such as Search ad and Highlighted Ads. If you want to know more about these Ads, check out advertising policies.

2. In-App Billing

In addition to AppCoins and Apps, Aptoide also offers an integrated a new way of monetization and billing solution called the In-App Billing or (IAB).

The IAB claims to result in higher payout rates by allowing apps developer to sell any digital content from within your application. Thus, offering unique content to users, reaching higher engagement and long-term value to its users.

In-App Billing solution offers easy implementation through its API, with no need for SDK integration. All you need to do is to join the IAB program and start increasing your revenue.

1. Ambassadors Program

Aptoide Ambassador is a collaboration program between Aptoide and its clients, this includes both its app developers and its general users.

Thus, by joining an Ambassador program – it provides you with an opportunity to learn about innovative Aptoide-related products and programs, co-plan and co-host events in your country, and help Aptoide better understand your country’s Android presence.

If you want to know more about Ambassador program and how you can join it, check out Ambassador policies page for more information.