10 Trendy Accessories for Ladies This Summer 2017

Nothing is better than fashion accessories to personalize your look and give a chic style to your outfit this summer. The choice is not lacking, check out this selection of 10 most stylish accessories you can try this summer!

Accessories Trends 2017: Top 10

The fashion accessories give us a successful look or totally unique. Hence the need to choose them well as ever more important!

Remember – Your small details can make all the difference. We have listed down Top 10 Trendy Accessories for you this Summer – so check them out and be the first to set a new fashion trend.

10. Choose XXL Earrings

XXL Size Earrings are having the wind this summer and give us a look of both feminine and rock’n’roll. It simply projects your personality and makes you stand out.

To make it better – choose your earrings with an unlikely mixture of colors and materials: beads and charms or feathers and pompon.

These style associations are many and will allow you to reinvent your style every day, even taking it with a limited number of outfits.

9. Choose an Oversize Bag or a Micro-Bag – Choice is Yours

In the case of bags, it is often realized that there are two types of women: Those who would never go out without all their essentials, and those who prefer to have their hands free for total freedom.

For the first, the XXL bag is perfect. It is worn under the arm to keep everything you need on hand and to draw handkerchiefs, sunglasses or fogger in one gesture. And as it is summer, we prefer a big canvas bag, lighter and perfect for the season.

For the later, the minimalist bag is the best option. It is very elegant and impossible to circumvent. Lighter and less cumbersome, it is easily worn by hand or by a shoulder strap to have the bare minimum on itself and not be hindered in its movements for its adventures of holidays.

8. Colorful Sunglasses

ladies colorful sunglasses photo

This summer, turn your glasses into blue, green, red or yellow! There is no limit – especially as many cool models and trends are now available in all shops with reasonable prices.

Just make sure that the UV protection rating is sufficient according to the radiation of the place where you are.

7. Baseball Cap

A Baseball cap not only gives you a casual look this summer but also provides you a unique style. Combined with polarized sunglasses, a small cotton dress and a pair of sneakers, it brings this small sporty touch perfect for holidays.

6. Flower Patterned Basket

Basket with the flowered patterns is definitely the best choice to go to market. Not only it gives you a fresh look but also enhances your personality. Bring your essentials to the beach and it can even follow you in the evening for an outing in the restaurant.

It can easily be worn with a flowery dress, a colorful skirt or simply jeans and a t-shirt for a holiday and relaxation look.

5. Forget Sneakers – Try Canvas Espadrilles

Do you usually wear sneakers every summer? You are definitely not the only one, but this time, try the traditional canvas espadrilles and let your creativity speak to decorate your feet.

4. Teva – Fashionable Sandals

Still a fashion of the 90s that makes a return of force in our dressing: the hiking sandals of the Teva type are perfect to walk for long without getting blisters to the feet.

Another great advantage is that they keep our feet in the air during our walks, and that is so nice when it’s hot!

3. Women’s Braided Belt

Whether to emphasize your waist, adjust a dress too wide or simply accessorize your outfit, the woven belt is perfect. Fine or wide, colored or black, white or gray, it will give this little more feminine to your outfit and can be worn easily. On a dress, skirt, tunic, jeans, canvas trousers or even a long linen top, the braided belt is a must.

2. The Ankle Chain

With sneakers, sandals, flip-flops or even bare feet on the beach, this jewel gives a great look to our ankles. You can find very nice ones in all the shops or e-shops of fancy accessories.

One can also choose a pretty anklet chain plated with gold or silver. It’s more expensive, but you can keep it for years.

However, do remember to remove them before taking a shower or to take a dip to the swimming pool or to the sea, as it might damage your skin.

1. The Scarf

accessories trends 2017

Attached around the neck to avoid being cold when the wind rises in the evening, tied on the head like a retro headband for an original hairstyle or turban to protect your hair from the sun on the beach. The choice is yours – this 60’s style will make you look stylish in any environment.

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